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Call for Anacrusis Editorial Committee Members

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About Choral Canada and the future of our programs and services
Choral Canada is the National Arts Service Organization for the choral and group singing arts sector and community in Canada. You can read more about Choral Canada here. Choral Canada is committed to evaluating, building on and enhancing its current programs and services to members, like our Anacrusis choral journal, ensuring that Accessibility, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Decoloniality, and Anti-Racism are a priority in order to increase our relevance, representation, and diversity for all our current and potential members. We are looking to expand the term ‘choral singing’ and its canon of repertoire to include a broader scope related to group singing within a greater variety of contexts.

About Anacrusis
The official journal of Choral Canada, Anacrusis, currently contains peer-reviewed articles, focus columns, special features, non-peer reviewed academic articles, Student Chapter articles, reviews of books and choral recordings, and information about Choral Canada’s programs, services, and advocacy initiatives. Articles can be in English or French. The journal is published three times per year. Choral Canada members receive Anacrusis as part of their membership benefits and are eligible for advertising discounts.

About Anacrusis Editorial Committee
The Anacrusis Editorial Committee (AEC) exists to oversee each publication and to create, edit, and seek out content. The AEC operates in accordance with the vision, values, and goals of Choral Canada and ensures that the publication’s direction and content are in keeping with them.

Choral Canada is seeking one (1) Editor-In-Chief and seven (7) individuals to join the AEC. These eight (8) individuals are representative of the richly diverse group singing communities in which we participate and will help provide the publication and the choral community with a multitude of perspectives and lived experiences.

We are also looking for individuals who are interested in supporting Choral Canada’s Strategic Plan and developing the future of the Anacrusis choral journal by reflecting upon, questioning, and building upon past and current practices.

Positions on the AEC include:

- 1 Editor-In-Chief
- 1 Feature Articles Editor
- 1 Peer-reviewed Articles Editor
- 1 Choral Canada News Articles Editor
- 1 Student Chapter Articles Editor
- 1 Review Articles Editor
- 1 “Columns: Voices” Editor
- 4 Editorial Committee Members-At-Large (maximum 4)

Some of these positions are already filled, but committee members can move to different positions, balancing the different interests and skill sets.

Information about each position:

1. Editor-In-Chief:

  • Oversees the journal in its entirety
  • Responsible for planning and chairing meetings
  • Supports/manages/delegates tasks within the committee
  • Writes an introductory message describing each issue's contents
  • Works with each committee member to generate and produce articles
  • Works with layout designer to finalize each edition
  • Gives final signoff for each edition prior to printing or email release
  • Ensures that the AEC follows all Terms of Reference, guidelines, and relevant Choral Canada policies
  • Works closely with Choral Canada staff
  • Optional non-voting participation at Board of Directors meeting(s)
  • Have significant experience in researching and writing about the choral art

2. Feature Articles Editor:

  • Actively solicits and receives articles for features in Anacrusis
  • Feature articles are longer in length (~2,000 words) and tie in to the theme of each issue, if possible
  • Possibly authors a feature article themselves, particularly for interview style articles

3. Peer-Reviewed Articles Editor:

  • Actively searches for and receives academic articles for blind peer review
  • For peer-reviewed articles, the Editor removes the author’s name and selects a team of at least three reviewers to provide comments via an online form; Editor then works with author to either bring the article to publication standard or suggest the article for a column, or rejects the article with explanation
  • Reviewers can be AEC members or can be other suitable individuals, based on their knowledge of the article’s content and their editing/writing skills
  • Review to be completed within four weeks of receipt of article, with additional time for the author to edit the article under the Editor’s guidance

4. Choral Canada News Editor:

  • Searches for stories of interest to Choral Canada members and writes and/or recruits authors to write articles for this section in each edition.
  • Liaise regularly with Choral Canada’s senior staff and Vice President of Advocacy to find and develop stories for this section

5. Student Chapter Articles Editor:

  • Writes an article relevant to students in the Canadian choral arts sector
  • Reports on latest news from the Student Chapter Committee and Student Chapter Branches
  • Recruits student authors to write articles for this section

6. Review Articles Editor:

  • Actively searches for books and recorded music to be reviewed - Writes reviews and/or finds reviewers to write them

7. “Columns:Voices” Editor:

  • Establishes multiple focus column categories that do no fall under the peer-reviewed/academic, news, reviews, or student chapter categories
  • Articles are shorter in nature (1,000 - 2,000 words), practical in nature or an opinion piece
  • Actively seeks out authors for columns, including from the AEC
  • Able to author a column themselves
  • Works closely with the Editor-In-Chief in establishing column categories which can change in each edition of Anacrusis

8. Members-At-Large:

  • AEC members who are not assigned to an Editor position:
    • a. give assistance by being part of review teams for academic articles or columns
    • b. commit to writing one article/column for each issue while they are on the AEC or invite an author to write in their place

Choral Canada’s Commitment
Choral Canada is committed to listening to the needs of all AEC members and striving to create a committee environment where all members feel welcomed, included, and supported.

Term & Time Commitment

  • 2 year terms, renewable 2 times to a maximum of 6 years (3 terms)
  • 2-3 committee meetings per year, each 1.5 - 2 hours
  • time spent on position responsibilities

Serving on the Anacrusis Editorial Committee is a volunteer position without any remuneration. You will be provided with administrative support from the Choral Canada staff.

How to send in your “Expression of Interest”
If you are interested in any of these positions, please email your “Expression of Interest” to [email protected] by November 25, 2022. Please provide a short paragraph describing why you would like to be on the Anacrusis Editorial Committee, indicate the position(s) you are most interested in and include any writing examples and/or pertinent experience you might have relative to that position.

In accordance with accessibility laws in Canada, if you require support applying online, please contact Meghan Hila (she/her), Executive Director, at 647-606-2467 or [email protected].

The Selection Committee is the Choral Canada Board of Directors. They will select individuals based upon their expression of interest and the qualifications outlined above. All individuals who express interest in the positions will be contacted directly regarding the outcome of the process. We hope to fill these new positions as soon as possible.

Third Party Recommendations
It is also possible to recommend people for any of these positions by emailing their names and contact information to the Choral Canada office at [email protected]. The Choral Canada staff will then contact these recommended individuals, encouraging them to submit their expressions of interest.


If you have any questions regarding the positions, please contact Meghan Hila (she/her), Executive Director, at [email protected] or 647-606-2467.You are also welcome to reach out to any current director on the Choral Canada Board of Directors to discuss your possible interest and questions. The list of directors can be be found here.

Our office is located in Tkaronto, Dish With One Spoon territory and covered by Treaty 13 and the Williams Treaties. We are grateful to work, live and make music on the traditional territory of many nations, including the Mississaugas of Credit, Anishnabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee and Wendat.

We thank you sincerely for your engagement and support!


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