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3.5 million Canadians sing in 28,000 choirs throughout Canada (2017-18 census data).

Heather Fraser (NS) - Vice President of Advocacy and Chair of the Advocacy Committee

Dana Merrigan (NT)

Morna Edmundson, ex-officio (BC)

Cynthia Peyson-Wahl (SK)

Celeste Thordarson (ON)

Joan Fearnley (ON)

Nadine Hébert (NB)

Arla Good (ON)

Choral Canada, with major support from Canada Council for the Arts and support from the SOCAN Foundation and individual donors, undertook Canada's first-ever National Choral Census. Choral Canada worked with research company Hill Strategies Inc. and found that in 2016 3.5 million Canadians sang in a choir

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National Choral Census Advocacy Toolkit

National Choral Census 2017 - Infographics in different sizes and formats for your use; all the national and regional reports and findings
Print your own "bookmark" cards with National Choral Census URL
Talking Points - quick facts and data at a glance for your “elevator pitch” ​​

- National Arts & Culture Impact Survey - Results (Survey November 2020, released January 2021)
- COVID-19 Resources Page
- Let's Sing Safely - An Open Letter from Choral Canada (June 27, 2020)
- Messaging from Choral Canada for the Canadian Choral Community (June 2020)
- COVID-19 impact survey on Canadian Choirs - responses and summary (April 2020)
- Infographics on the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian Choirs (April 2020)

Focusing on why singing can and should matter to all who live in Canada, the campaign highlights some of the scientific evidence for the many and varied ways that singing together contributes to our psychological, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health.

#BenefitsOfSinging is a good news, proactive campaign.

It is more than a choir campaign. It is a healthy community campaign whose goals are to:

  • Share research on the benefits of singing together.
  • Educate the public on the benefits of group singing.
  • Provide a toolkit for choral leaders to advocate for their programs, recruit singers, build connections with decision- and policy-makers, attract donors and supporters, support grant writing, and strengthen choral communities in Canada.
  • Promote the idea of group singing as a social prescription for the medical community.


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Singing in Canadian Schools COVID-19 Impact Survey

Choral Canada, in partnership with Canadian Music Educators' Association, Coalition for Music Education in Canada, and Kodály Society of Canada, launched the Singing in Schools COVID-19 Impact Survey in April 2021 to determine the impact of the pandemic on: singing in Canadian schools, student access to music/choral programs, and music curriculum and program delivery. 

Thank you to all the music educators across Canada who filled out the survey!

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Canadian Choral Community Facebook Group

Come join Choral Canada's interactive network and community in our Facebook group "CANADIAN CHORAL COMMUNITY: Advocates and Enthusiasts!". The group is coordinated by the Advocacy Committee. This group is a place to support each other in being choral music advocates: share ideas, post questions, offer best practices, brainstorm and network on a theme of promoting Canadian choral music, Canadian choirs, composers and Canadian choral artists.

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Advocacy Membership

Choral Canada is a proud member of the Canadian Arts Coalition, the Canadian Live Music Association, the Canadian Network for Arts & Learning, and the International Federation for Choral Music.


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