Singing in Canadian Schools:
COVID-19 Impact Sur​vey

It's time to #SpeakUpForSinging

Singing has been banned or heavily restricted in Canadian schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving students without vital music programs in their school that not only benefit musical learning, but also student mental health and wellbeing.

Research shows us we can sing safely. As decision makers plan for the 2021-2022 school year, it is time to focus on providing music and singing experiences for students - for now, and the future.

RESTORING, REVIVING and REBUILDING vital music programs will take time and support from government and school administrations. 

Start the conversation in your community and help music educators do what they do best!

IT’S TIME TO #SpeakUpForSinging!

  • SHARE Choral Canada's infographic about the pandemic's impact on singing in our schools by email (PDF version) and share it on Facebook (PNG version). Be sure to include the #SpeakUpForSinging hashtag!
  • FORWARD this Letter and Recommendations for Action to decision makers in your school communities. We know that parent, student and community voices make a difference!
  • TALK ABOUT IT - Engage your friends, local musicians, politicians, parent groups, and students in conversations about how we can sing safely and how important music-making experiences are for students in Canadian schools.
  • CONNECT with your local music teachers, Music Educators Associations and Provincial Choral Associations to ask how YOU can help with efforts happening in your region!

There are many ways administrations, school boards and regions can work with music educators to make decisions that ensure singing, a vital and crucial part of the music curriculum, can continue to be taught in schools. Music educators need a seat at the table to have their voices heard and we need your help to get them there!


Picture of Holy Heart Chamber Choir singers in school classroom with masks on and distanced

Holy Heart Chamber Choir
Photo Credit Robert Colbourne

Picture of BC Girls Choir young singer wearing bright orange shirt singing with hands out wide and masked and choir in background in large room and distanced.

BC Girls Choir My Shot Concert
Credit Greg Bartels GaB Films

Choral Canada, in partnership with Canadian Music Educators' Association, Coalition for Music Education in Canada, and Kodály Society of Canada are working with Dr. Francine Morin, Associate Dean at the University of Manitoba and a leading authority in Canadian arts education, on the Singing in Canadian Schools: COVID-19 Impact Survey. 

This survey was created to increase our understanding of the impacts of the pandemic on singing in K-12 school music education in Canada. Music educators will have the opportunity to anonymously share their perspectives on the: 
  • Overall support for singing and music education in their schools
  • Impact on educators' delivery of their music programs
  • Impact on singing in school music programs
  • Impact on educators' time, resources, and finances
  • Impact on implementing school music curricula

Singing, as a foundation of music education, has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Restrictions on singing have varied greatly in each province and territory, even from region to region. This research project will provide a report on how singing in schools has been impacted throughout the pandemic, comparing data on singing in schools before the pandemic and during the pandemic.

This research project provides an opportunity for music educators to share their perspectives and experiences in relation to singing and the current pandemic. The results of the survey will be used to help inform the ongoing growth and development of singing and music education in Canadian schools.

1) To collect data on any changes that have impacted singing in schools and to demonstrate the impact the pandemic has had on singing and, by extension, on music programs in general;

2) To ensure music educators/singing leaders in schools across Canada are being heard and to support advocacy efforts in relation to singing and music education;

3) To raise awareness on the fundamental and indispensable role that singing plays in music curricula;

4) To share data about the current impacts on singing in Canadian schools, and to develop resources for advocacy purposes (e.g., letters, infographics, published articles) to support educators' efforts to sustain and grow music programs.

Thank you!

994 music educators from across Canada filled out the survey. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey, to everyone who shared it, and to everyone supporting the advocacy campaign for singing in our schools!


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