Choral Canada celebrates and champions group singing in all its forms.

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About Choral Canada

Choral Canada is the National Arts Service Organization for the choral and group singing arts sector and community in Canada. We are a member based organization that provides professional development, advocacy, resources, and opportunities to build connections from coast to coast to coast. Our members include conductors/leaders, educators, composers/music creators, students, managers/administrators, choral industry leaders, choirs/singing groups, and more.

Choral Canada's Goals

Support and encourage participation in and celebration of choral music and group singing at all levels and build diverse communities by offering training, resources, and various forums for the exchange of information.

Foster the creation and performance of choral music in Canada.

Partner with other organizations to create a higher profile for, and better service of, the choral music and group singing sector at the provincial/territorial, national, and international levels.

Help make choral music and group singing available and accessible to all people living in Canada.


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Canada's national biennial bilingual choral Conference and Festival.

This multi-day celebration brings together participants from across the country and beyond who are passionate about group singing. Podium is the top meeting place for Canada's choral and group singing arts sector and community, creating space for networking, mobilizing knowledge through a variety of presentation formats, and nourishing the interest in group singing through exposure to new music, creative performances, and innovative practices.

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The official journal of Choral Canada.

Anacrusis contains academic articles, special features, focus columns, and more. The journal is published three times per year. Choral Canada members receive Anacrusis as part of their membership benefits and are eligible for advertising discounts.

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Choral Canada’s members include conductors/leaders, composers/music creators, students, administrators, music educators, singers, choirs/singing groups, industry partners, and more.


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A gift to Choral Canada is truly a gift to the choral and group singing arts sector and community in Canada.


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Banner: Quintessential Vocal Ensemble at PODIUM 2018. Photo by Paul Daly