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Choral Canada is the National Arts Service Organization for the Canadian choral and group singing arts sector and community. Our recent National Choral Census (2017) confirms that 3.5 million Canadians sing in 28,000 choirs throughout the country. Believing that singing together has the potential to build communities and transform lives, Choral Canada has taken inspiration from and expanded upon the European Choral Association’s #BenefitsOfSinging public awareness campaign.

Focusing on why singing can and should matter to all who live in Canada, the campaign highlights some of the scientific evidence for the many and varied ways that singing together contributes to our psychological, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health.

#BenefitsOfSinging is a good news, proactive campaign.

It is more than a choir campaign. It is a healthy community campaign whose goals are to:

  • Share research on the benefits of singing together.
  • Educate the public on the benefits of group singing.
  • Provide a toolkit for choral leaders to advocate for their programs, recruit singers, build connections with decision- and policy-makers, attract donors and supporters, support grant writing, and strengthen choral communities in Canada.
  • Promote the idea of group singing as a social prescription for the medical community.

Decisions are being made each day by people in authoritative and influential positions about the future of the arts in Canada. This impacts the support, growth, and respect of the choral art form in our communities, schools, and professional arts sector. Individuals, singing groups, and choral organizations need to be intentional in unifying their voices to call attention to the #BenefitsOfSinging for all Canadians.

We need YOU to help spread the word to:

  • Individuals who have yet to discover the joy and power of group singing
  • Choral leaders and administrators
  • Decision-makers in Education: Ministers of Education, superintendents, principals and teachers
  • Health professionals: Ministers of Health, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and nurses
  • Decision- and policy-makers at all levels of government: Members of federal, provincial, and territorial parliament, members of city/town councils
  • Arts service organizations
  • Funders: Canada Council, provincial/territorial arts funding agencies, and local granting organizations

We share a vision: a world where everybody can experience the benefits of singing together.
We need YOUR help to advocate for group singing to local, regional, provincial/territorial and national policy makers.

​​This toolkit of research and resources can help you share the #BenefitsOfSinging!


Call to Action: Guide – English

A guide to effectively using these advocacy materials, who to share them with, and how to write impactful statements to grab attention and support your ​message.


Links to Curated Research: Excel

Scientific studies that demonstrate the many #BenefitsOfSinging!


Template Letter for Policy Makers – English

Use this letter as a starting point to write to decision- and policy-makers in your region and local area.
​This includes all levels of government, members of city/town councils, school principals, arts service organizations, and granting agencies.


Graphics for Download – English

Infographic and Social Media packs.
Share! Share! Share! And encourage others to share as well!



A project of Choral Canada




The #BenefitsOfSinging campaign was initiated by the European Choral Association,
and adapted and extended for Canada by the Advocacy Committee of Choral Canada.





This advocacy campaign was made possible by Choral Canada and its generous donors.
We would also like to thank the organizations and individuals who are showing their support through their commitment to sharing this campaign.


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