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Online Strategic Plan Survey

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Choral Canada (CC) is in the midst of developing its new Strategic Plan and is seeking your input. Within the context of this Strategic Plan, CC’s Board has been working to establish its Mission, Vision, Goals and Priority Areas for Action to guide our growth over the next five years.


In looking to the future, Choral Canada plans to expand its focus to better engage with and reflect the diversity of choral and group singing traditions enjoyed across the country. CC programs and services have to date focused primarily on the Western classical choral arts sector. The rich, living culture of choral music and performance practices of this tradition have served as important roots which provide a firm foundation upon which we can continue to draw as we look to the future.

We recognize, however, that not all who engage in the choral and group singing process have been able to see their traditions and perspectives reflected in CC's offerings.

As the national association representing choral and group singing, we believe that all voices are important and deserve to be heard. We intend, over the next five years, to broaden our focus to better reflect and serve people who sing together across musical and cultural traditions. 

If you attended our recent PODIUM conference and festival, you will have noticed this expanded focus in action in very concrete ways. We hope this new vision will be increasingly evident in all of our operations and activities related to research, advocacy and professional development, as well as those that see us uniting, celebrating and showcasing the breadth of Canada’s choral arts sector nationally and internationally.

We’re also seeking to support the future generation of leaders in choral singing with an increased focus on Access, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in order to engage and give voice to marginalized communities in this sector. We intend to broaden what is typically thought of when we refer to ‘choral singing’.

As we embark on this initiative, we have engaged external support from Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO – to work with us. CPAMO specializes in designing Strategic Plans that have a focus on ADEI and we are looking to their expertise to help us in this important process.

Our next step is an online survey (link below) that invites CC’s members and interested stakeholders to contribute insights, perspectives, and concerns in a completely confidential fashion, on some of the key issues CC’s Board is reviewing which will further guide us in the development of the new Strategic Plan.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time, which we hope you will find time well spent. We appreciate your collaboration and value your perspectives!


We encourage you to be very open and frank in your responses. Your information will be handled with utmost care: The third-party survey is created, deployed and analyzed by CPAMO. CC will only have access to aggregate survey results. While we value your perspectives, please consider that CC will need to prioritize the key issues members and stakeholders see as important to focus on, all while considering what is within its capacities to accomplish within the next five years.

As a token of appreciation for completing this survey you can enter into a draw to win one of the following:

Prize 1: $400 Long & McQuade gift certificate
Prize 2: $200 Long & McQuade gift certificate
Prize 3: $200 Long & McQuade gift certificate 

The DEADLINE to fill out the survey is Thursday, July 14, at 11:59pm Pacific. 

This survey is open to anyone, whether you are member of Choral Canada or not. We want to hear from those who are interested in the future of Choral Canada and its impact on the choral arts sector and community.

Thank you so much for taking part in this important initiative!

Laurier Fagnan, President
Meghan Hila, Executive Director
on behalf of the Choral Canada Board of Directors

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