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Updates on the Anacrusis Editorial Committee

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The Anacrusis Editorial Committee (AEC) exists to oversee each publication of our official journal, Anacrusis, and to create, edit, and seek out content. Please join us in welcoming new and returning members to the committee:

  • Editor-in-Chief – Laurier Fagnan
  • Featured Articles Editor – Hilary Apfelstadt
  • Peer-Reviewed Articles Editor – Laurel Forshaw
  • Voices Columns Editor – Madly Friesen
  • News Editor – Patricia Abbott
  • Student Chapter Editor – Laura Curtis
  • Reviews Editor – Saeideh Rajabzadeh

Members-at-Large: Matthew Emery, John Guzik, Ian Loeppky, Sarah Morrison

Other members who will provide assistance:

  • Diane Murray-Charrett (Choral Canada Board Member assigned to Anacrusis)
  • Morna Edmundson (Choral Canada President and ex-officio member on all committees)
  • Meghan Hila (CC Executive Director and ‘Producer’ of Anacrusis)

The next issue of Anacrusis, Vol. 41 #1 Winter 2023 will be distributed in February.
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