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New Opportunities with the Canadian Choral Resources Project

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Guest post by Byron Hermann

My name is Byron Hermann. I am the project coordinator for the “Canadian Choral Resources Project”. This project is looking to create a national database and website dedicated to providing a collection of digital resources that our choral community, composers, educators, and arts organizations have been and are currently creating.  Participants in the project will be asked to upload digital assets they have created such as composer and artist interviews, video of performances, links to recordings, programs, program notes, etc.

Much of this informative material is currently only available to a small audience, usually of individual organization followers looking at websites and social media posts. Why not share it so others can use it to help inform audiences, singers, composers, strategic planners, and conductors creating new experiences. The eventual home for this material will be with Choral Canada.

This is NOT a resource for marketing of material by publishers and composers through uploads of scores.  Composers will be encouraged to provide recordings of works, interviews, press articles, etc. and links to websites where conductors and planners can get more information.

We need your help to make this project a success!

You are invited to spend 10 to 15 minutes to complete a national survey to better understand your organizations work, its past and current digital material, your capacity and desire to create these, your willingness to share these, your human resources and technical needs, how helpful a national database might be, and is the use of new digital resources part of your strategic plan if you have one.

Survey results will be analyzed by Charles Smith of Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) and a report will be made available to all participants and to others through Choral Canada and your Provincial Choral Organizations.

How this database evolves and grows is truly up to you: the amazing people who make singing and the performing arts happen in our communities and schools. Hopefully this “Canadian Choral Resource Database” will help you to achieve the success you dream about in your work with your choirs and in the arts. 

When you complete the survey you will have a chance to win some prizes: a $100 gift certificate to Cypress Choral Music or a $50 Gift certificate to Long and McQuade.


To learn more about the project send an email to project director: [email protected]


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