Choral Canada Advocacy Letter Writing Campaign

With the election officially called, our Choral Canada letter writing campaign officially launches!
The Advocacy committee is encouraging choral music enthusiasts to contact their local politicians and candidates running in the election, to put support for Canadian choral music on politicians’  minds. Most politicians probably don’t realize just how many of their constituents sing in a choir of some kind and rely on arts funding! Nor do they realize how much choral music contributes to communities and local economies. This letter-writing campaign hopes to highlight some of these benefits.

The attached letters here– one in English, one professionally translated in French– are intended to offer some inspiration, a framework and some talking points to make the letter-writing process easy, yet personalized and meaningful. You will notice that we are not asking writers to choose sides in this election, nor endorsing any particular party, but rather highlighting choral music in Canada so politicians are informed about what matters to choral music advocates.

Please help by encouraging letter-writing among your contacts in the choral communities. The attached editable templates are intended to be shared widely, so please feel invited and encouraged to share with your provincial organizations, boards, your local reading session attendees, your students, colleagues and singers and more. THANK YOU!
– Diana Clark, VP Advocacy

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